What Is Super Alexa Mode? Echo’s Secret Cheat Code

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Every smart speaker has its own quirks, limitations, and fun easter eggs. Alexa is no exception. Your Echo is packed with corny jokes, fun games, and a hidden gem called Super Alexa Mode.

What Is Super Alexa Mode?

Super-Alexa Mode is a cheat code hidden inside Alexa that causes Alexa to go into secret mode.

But what does the Super Alexa Mode do? What superpowers have the developers hidden away?

Well, it doesn’t actually do anything other than display a message on Alexa’s screen. Yea, I was disappointed, too. Super Alexa Mode is really just there to prove your nerd cred and pay tribute to the most famous cheat codes from the Nintendo gaming era: The Konami Code.

So, if you’re a gamer, this is going to be a treat. For you non-gamers, maybe you should check out Alexa’s intercom features instead.

How to Activate Super Alexa Mode

You need the exact right code to access Super Alexa Mode. It’s the same as entering a phone number or an email address. One digit or letter off, and it will not work. Hardcore gamers already have the Konami Code memorized. For the rest of you, here it is:

Up > Up  > Down > Down > Left > Right > Left > Right > B > A > Start.

If you made an error and said: left  – left  – right – left or something along these lines, the reply from Alexa could be: “You are close.” If that is the case, the Super-Alexa Mode will not activate. You have to go back and repeat the instructions in the order shown.   

When the code is entered successfully, Alexa will reply with something like:

“Super Alexa mode is activated. Starting reactors. Online. Enabling advanced systems. Online. Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.”

Alexa then advises, “Super Alexa Mode is activated as previously mentioned.”

Or, you might hear it say, “Woohoo, you get powerups galore!”

This is then followed by silence. It seems Super Alexa Mode cannot activate until it finds the missing “DONGERS.” Alexa then goes on to say, “Should they be found, we will update this article with that information.”

How Do You Deactivate Super Alexa Mode?

Alexa super mode poses no danger to a device. You do not have to deactivate it. If, for some reason, you want it deactivated, wait ten seconds, and it will turn off automatically. Once the notification goes away, your Echo will just act like its normal non-superpowered self.

How Did Super Alexa Mode Come About?

Super Alexa Mode is Amazon’s tribute to the legendary Konami Code and its creator, Kazuhisa Hashimoto. Super-Alexa Mode poses no danger or threat. It doesn’t do much of anything. As gamers know, some Easter eggs exist only for the joy of discovering them.

When you dig further into the fun and background of Super Alexa Mode (and once you get beyond the confusion), you find the Konomi code isn’t meant for the average everyday game player or gamer. It was really targeted at hardcore players. The Konomi code was first made popular in the game Gradius, where early testers discovered the code in 1986.

Unlike with Super Alexa Mode, the Konami Code really did give Gradius testers superpowers. Testers were able to unlock every powerup in the game by pausing and keying in the Konomi code. And after the game Gradius came out, it turned out the code was still there for all players to use!

Over the years, the Konami Code has become one of the most well-known Easter eggs in all of gaming. It’s only natural that it would have made its way to the world of smart home tech.

What’s Next?

Super Alexa Mode is purely for fun, but Echo has plenty of practical features, too. Alexa’s Apple Music support and the ease of adding multiple Spotify accounts to Echo make it an ideal smart speaker. And the Echo Show has native support for several video services, too (although Echo still lacks YouTube TV support).

The biggest reason to buy an Alexa, though, is that Echos are cheap, highly-effective ways of controlling your smart home. From the Alexa Fire TV commands to the Echo Roomba voice controls, you can control your entertainment, cleaning, and lighting all from one place without lifting a finger. Who needs Super Alexa Mode when Alexa already has so many superpowers.

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