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You don’t need to be rich or tech savvy to get the most out of your smart home.
Security and convenience belong to us all.

Zak Kann, the founder of Smart Geek Home, holding an Amazon Echo Show.

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The publications Smart Geek Home has been featured in: CNET, Wikipedia, Lifewire, Apartment Therapy, Cert Simple, Wifi Hifi, Pip's Island, and My Dream Haus.

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Smart Geek Home is devoted to making home automation easy for anyone to do. We believe that everyone deserves the convenience, security, and energy savings of a smart home.

Our writers are tech experts who speak from experience. Our founder, Zak Kann, has 12 years experience in tech and analytics and a STEM PhD. We pride ourselves on providing fact-filled, easy-to-digest guides to all of your tech questions.

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