How Much Are Roombas? All the Details [Charts, Examples]

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Most of us don’t have an unlimited smart home budget. Robot vacuums are incredibly convenient, but any money you spend on them is money you’re not spending on smart hubs, sensors, and smart lights.

So how much are Roombas? Let’s take a look.

Roomba Price Range

Roombas range in price from under $200 to over $1000. Here are the prices for the current Roomba models on Amazon.

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What’s a Good Price for a Roomba?

For most people, one of the Roombas in the $500 price range should be fine. I’d recommend checking out the Roomba i3/i3+ and i7/i7+ if you’re looking for a good balance of features and price.

The primary difference between the i3 and the i7 is that the i7 has smart mapping. This feature allows the i7 to memorize a floor plan so it can:

  • Clean your home more efficiently.
  • Clean only requested rooms or specific locations (like under the table).

The plus versions of these models have the self-emptying bin. That’s a huge plus if you’ve got a lot of dirt on your floor, as it means you won’t have to empty your Roomba in the middle of its cleaning job.

If you need both of these features, you’ll probably end up paying around $700, but you can get one or the other feature in the $500 range. And if neither is important to you, you’ll likely only spend about $300. (Check the table above for more specific prices.)

What’s the Cheapest Roomba?

The Roomba 675 is the cheapest one still in production and usually retails for $170.

Unlike the newer Roombas, it doesn’t clean in straight lines. Instead, it bumps around randomly in your home. Not only is that less efficient, but it can also easily miss spots if you have a lot of furniture and other obstacles.

Since it doesn’t recognize where it has been, it also can’t automatically continue a cleaning job after recharging. When the battery dies, it assumes everything is finished.

The 675 also uses the older bristle brush rolls that were prone to tangling from hairs. If you or your pets have long hair, you’ll probably end up pulling them from the rollers on a near daily basis.

What’s the Most Expensive Roomba?

The Roomba s9+ retails for $1,500, making it the most expensive current Roomba model. Like the i7+, the s9+ has both smart mapping and a self-emptying bin.

Rather than adding entirely new features, the s9+ just takes everything to the next level.

  • It has stronger suction for enhanced cleaning on all surfaces.
  • Its new shape allows it to clean edges and corners far better than earlier Roomba models.
  • Its side brush spins slower to pull in debris better.
  • Its rollers are wider and positioned better to avoid missing any dirt.
  • Its wheels are designed for climbing over more obstacles, so your Roomba doesn’t get stuck.

How Long Do Roombas Last?

Your Roomba should last at least 4–6 years if it’s properly maintained. You’ll need to replace the filters, brushes, and batteries more frequently. This is a pretty typical lifespan for electronics in this price range, but it may be shorter than you’d expect for some vacuums.

Getting your Roomba to survive longer isn’t too difficult. Just keep it clean, and don’t let it suck up things that it shouldn’t. But make sure that you’re familiar with all the Roomba ownership best practices for things like cleaning the sensors and storing the robot during vacations.

How Much Are Other Robot Vacuums?

Most robot vacuums are in the same price range as Roombas, with options ranging from $140 to $1,500.

At the cheap end of that range, you’ll find options like the Eufy RoboVac 11S and ILife A9. These machines don’t have many advanced features and usually utilize the same random navigation as older Roomba models. That’s probably fine for small, sparsely furnished apartments.

The Roborock S6 MaxV and Ecovacs Deebot X1 are at the top of the robot vacuum price range. Many of these high-end machines can mop as well as vacuum, and the S6 MaxV and Deebot X1 even have separate clean and dirty water bins in their home stations to tackle mopping an entire home in one go.

Roomba has a robot mop, too. But rather than a 2-in-1 option, you have to buy their Braava mop separately.

What’s Next?

Depending on your budget, there’s a Roomba for just about any household. All Roombas can do basic things like going over transitions and avoiding falling down stairs. But choosing the right Roomba gives you added advantages like Alexa’s Roomba voice commands and the ability to have Roomba clean multiple floors with ease.

Roomba’s price might scare off some budget shoppers, but the convenience of Roomba is worth it for many homeowners. I do suggest checking out some of the Roomba alternatives, though. For example, the Shark IQ and Roomba i3 offer two excellent but quite different options for a mid-level robot vacuum.

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