How to Connect WiZ Lights to Alexa [2023]

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Alexa offers the perfect way to integrate WiZ lights with your switches and sensors. And it provides dozens of simple voice commands accessible from all your Alexa devices. Best of all, it’s very easy to add WiZ devices to your Alexa app!

In this article, I’ll show you how to connect WiZ lights to Alexa, how to ensure all of your devices were added correctly, and what WiZ voice commands are available through Alexa.

How to Add WiZ Lights to Alexa

Make sure you have both the WiZ and Alexa devices installed on your phone before we start. In addition, the Alexa app needs to be connected to your Amazon account.

It will also help if you add your WiZ lights to the WiZ app before we start. Alexa will discover all of your WiZ lights at the end of this process, making it easier to test the integration. Once the integration is complete, any new lights, scenes, or rooms you add to the WiZ app should automatically be discovered by Alexa.

  1. Open the Settings tab in the WiZ app.
The WiZ app homepage, showing the settings tab
  1. Select the Integrations menu item.
The WiZ app settings menu, showing the integrations option
  1. Select Alexa from the list of integrations. (I’ll be discussing other WiZ integrations in a later article, so drop me a message if you have any specific requests.)
The WiZ app integrations menu, showing the Alexa option
  1. Press Link my account. This will bring you to the Alexa app.
The WiZ App Alexa link confirmation page
  1. Click Link. This will finish the integration and install the WiZ skill in your Alexa account.
The Alexa app page where you can link the WiZ skill

Alexa will discover all of your current WiZ lights, scenes, and rooms during the integration process. You can check for them in the Devices tab in the Alexa app.

You’ll find the WiZ lights under the Lights category and the WiZ scenes under the scenes category. Rooms are a bit trickier. You’ll need to look for them under All Devices, where they’ll show as Virtual devices.

Any future devices you add to the WiZ app will be automatically imported into Alexa as well.

What if Alexa is missing a WiZ light, scene, or room?

Before you attempt to add any missing WiZ devices to Alexa, make sure you’ve added them to the WiZ app. Then, follow these instructions, which will work for lights, scenes, and rooms.

  1. Go to the Devices tab in the Alexa app.
  2. Click the ‘+’ button in the upper right.
  3. Select Add Device.
  4. Select Light.
  5. Scroll to and select WiZ.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Discover Devices. This may take nearly a minute to complete.
  8. Click Set Up Devices and confirm any additional popups about specific devices.

If that doesn’t work, make sure the devices are responding to commands from the WiZ app. You may need to delete and re-add them in the WiZ app before the Alexa app will recognize them.

Grouping WiZ Lights in the Alexa App

Alexa will let you issue commands to entire WiZ rooms instead of a single light. However, rooms defined in the WiZ app can only have WiZ devices in them.

If you want to create groups that include both WiZ and non-WiZ devices, you’ll need to use Alexa device groups. Alexa device groups also let you issue the same command to different Alexa devices with different effects.

For example, if I tell the Echo Show in my kitchen, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” it knows I mean the kitchen lights. But those same words would cause the Echo in my bedroom to turn on the bedroom lights.

You can create or edit device groups in the Devices tab of the Alexa app. When you create a group, it will ask you to name it and add devices. Make sure to include any WiZ lights, scenes, or rooms that you want in the group.

If you want to add WiZ lights, scenes, or rooms to an existing group, select it from the Groups list in the Alexa Devices tab. Then, hit Edit in the upper right. Select all of the WiZ devices you want to add, then hit Save.

WiZ Alexa Commands

WiZ action What to say Example
Turn on a light Turn on [light] Turn on desk lamp
Turn on a group of lights Turn on [group] Turn on bar lights
Turn on all lights in a room Turn on [room] Turn on living room
Turn off a light Turn off [light] Turn off desk lamp
Turn off a group of lights Turn off [group] Turn off bar lights
Turn off all lights in a room Turn off [room] Turn off living room
Set a light's brightness Dim [light] to [0–100]

Brighten [light] to [0–100]
Dim desk lamp to 10
Set a group's brightness Dim [group] to [0–100]

Brighten [group] to [0–100]
Dim bar lights to 30
Set a room's brightness Dim [room] to [0–100]

Brighten [room] to [0–100]
Brighten kitchen to 50
Brighten a light Brighten [light] by [0-100] Brighten desk lamp by 10
Brighten a group Brighten [group] by [0-100] Brighten bar lights by 30
Brighten a room Brighten [room] by [0-100] Brighten bedroom by 20
Dim a light Dim [light] by [0-100] Dim desk lamp by 10
Dim a group Dim [group] by [0-100] Dim bar lights by 30
Dim a room Dim [room] by [0-100] Dim bedroom by 20
Turn on a scene Turn on [scene] Turn on Nightlife
Set a light's color Set [light] to [color] Set desk lamp to blue
Set a group's color Set [group] to [color] Set bar lights to green
Set a room's color Set [room] to [color] Set master bedroom to yellow
Set a light's color temperature Set [light] to [color temp.] Set desk lamp to warm white
Set a group's color temperature Set [group] to [color temp.] Set bar lights to cool white
Set a room's color temperature Set [room] to [color temp.] Set porch to daylight

What’s Next?

The low cost of WiZ lights makes them a perfect starting point for your smart home, especially if you pair them with a sensibly priced Alexa setup. And there are tons of smart plug uses that integrate perfectly with this kind of home automation starter kit.

Since Signify owns both the WiZ and Philips Hue brands, you can easily enhance your lighting setup by pairing the cheaper WiZ lights with the more advanced Hue lights, including the Hue HDMI Sync Box that lets your smart lights change with the colors of your smart TV.

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