Multiple Pandora Accounts on Alexa [Simple, 2023]

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Are you tired of your partner’s music messing with your Pandora recommendations? You can each get your own Pandora account, but that won’t help if you’re all using the same Pandora account on Alexa.

In this article, We’ll go over step-by-step directions for using Multiple Pandora accounts on Alexa. I’ll also explain why you should be using multiple Alexa Pandora accounts. Just in case, I’ve even tossed in a backup option in case you want to share an Alexa account but don’t want your musical playlists getting mixed up.

Can Alexa Have Multiple Pandora Accounts?

You can use multiple Pandora Accounts with Alexa, but you’ll need to set up multiple Amazon accounts and link each Pandora account to a different Amazon account.

This process takes a few minutes to set up, but there are no major downsides to it. Each Amazon account will have the same Amazon Prime benefits as long as you set them up within the same Amazon Household. You can even create children’s Amazon accounts within a household, which gives you more fine-grained parental controls.

Advantages of Having Multiple Pandora Accounts on Alexa

1. Avoid mixing up your household’s music preferences

Pandora is really good at figuring out what music you like. Since you’re using the same Pandora account on your phone, your computer, and your Amazon Echo, your musical preferences follow you everywhere you go.

I had my account perfectly attuned to my love of the Flobots and Eminem, but then someone in my apartment started playing Mariah Carey on our Echo Show. Now, Pandora thinks I like Mariah Carey (and I do, but Pandora doesn’t need to know that).

If each person has their own account, you never have to worry about someone else’s musical preferences ruining the vibe you and your Pandora account have going.

2. Play Different Music in Each Room

You can play the same music across your Echo speakers using multi-room music. But if you want to play one song in the living room while your partner jams out to a different song in the kitchen, you’ll need multiple Pandora accounts.

If you try to play the same Pandora account on multiple Echo devices, you won’t get an error message. Instead, the music will play on the last device that got the command. The other devices will just stop playing as soon as the new device starts.

How to Add a Second Pandora Account to Alexa

  1. Go to the Amazon Household page. Make sure you log in with the Amazon profile that you used to set up Alexa.
  2. Select Add Adult and follow the on-screen instructions to send an invite to your other household member. They’ll need to create their own Amazon login if they don’t already have one.
The Amazon Household screen, where you would go to link another adult to your account
  1. Log into the Alexa app using your newly added Amazon login.
  2. Link Pandora to this account by going to More -> Settings -> ‘Music & Podcasts’, clicking Link New Service, and selecting Pandora. Then, just follow the instructions to link your accounts.

Alternative: Connect to Alexa with Bluetooth

If, for whatever reason, you can’t set up a second Amazon account, your only option is to use Echo as a bluetooth speaker. You won’t be able to use voice commands, but at least you’ll be able to play your music.

  1. Get your device into the Bluetooth range of your Amazon Echo, approximately 20–30 feet.
  2. Tell your Echo speaker to disconnect other Bluetooth devices by saying (assuming you use the default wake word) “Alexa, disconnect.”
  3. Set your device to Bluetooth pairing mode.
    1. On Android, the pairing process may depend on your device and operating system version. On most newer Androids, go into Settings -> Bluetooth and toggle the Bluetooth switch on. You’ll see a message saying that your device is visible. 
    2. On iPhone, go into Settings -> Bluetooth and toggle Bluetooth on. You’ll see a message that says, “Now discoverable as…”
  4. Tell your Echo to go into pairing mode by saying, “Alexa, pair.” If it worked, Alexa should say “Searching.”
  5. Your smartphone (or tablet) should display your Echo speaker under a list that says “Devices,” “Other devices,” or “Available devices,” depending on your operating system. Select that device. It will be added to your list of known devices, and Alexa will verbally confirm the connection. If you aren’t sure which device is your Echo, just wait a few seconds, and Alexa will tell you.

How Do I Switch Pandora Accounts on Alexa?

To switch Pandora accounts, you’ll need to switch user profiles on your Echo. Just say, “Alexa, switch to [Your name] profile.” Then, you can control the device any of the Alexa Pandora voice commands. Your Echo will know to play them based on your profile’s Pandora account instead of the other household profiles.

If you want to change the Pandora account associated with your Alexa profile, you’ll need to do that in the Alexa app. Got to More -> Settings -> ‘Music & Podcasts’ -> Pandora. You’ll need to disable the skill and re-enable it to link your profile to a different Pandora account.

What’s Next?

Now that you have multiple Pandora accounts set up, it’s time to unleash the full power of your Echo speakers. And if you have any more problems with Pandora on Alexa, you know where to find us.

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