Will Alexa Alarm Stop By Itself? How Long Does It Last?

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Leaving your alarm on while on vacation can really annoy your neighbors. The constant noise strains your relationship, so remember to turn it off before you head out.

This post explores the duration of Alexa alarms, their auto-shutoff feature, and methods for remote adjustment or deactivation.

Will the Alexa Alarm Stop By Itself?

Alexa’s alarm automatically shuts off after an hour, a feature consistent across Echo devices, including Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show.

Some users experienced an alarm that wouldn’t stop for hours, maybe indefinitely. I didn’t face this issue myself. Concerned it might happen to you? Stick around, as I’ll share a simple trick later in this article to help you avoid this problem.

How Long Does the Alexa Alarm Last?

Alexa’s standard alarm tones automatically shut off after an hour. So, if your alarm is set for 9:00 AM and you don’t hit snooze, it’ll quiet down by 10:00 AM.

When you hit snooze on Alexa’s alarm, you’re also pushing back the auto-off feature. Each snooze lasts nine minutes. For example, if your alarm is set for 9:00 AM and you snooze at 9:01 AM, the alarm resumes at 9:10 AM, delaying auto-off until 10:10 AM.

To make your Alexa alarm longer, simply set several alarms back-to-back. For instance, if you need an alarm at 9 AM, then another at 10 AM, and continue this pattern. This method lets you customize the alarm duration to your liking.

Switching your regular alarm for a music one can shorten it. Let’s explore how in the following section.

How to Make Your Alexa Alarm Shorter

Alexa’s one-hour auto-off feature works for both standard and premium alarm sounds. However, this doesn’t cover music alarms. If you choose a song as your alarm, it stops playing right after the song finishes, not after an hour.

Selecting a song or playlist lets you set an alarm for any duration. While I haven’t verified if it’s possible to exceed a one-hour alarm, you can certainly craft one that’s just a few minutes long. Perfect for custom wake-up calls tailored to your morning routine.

Setting an Alexa Music Alarm

To set a music alarm in the Alexa app, you must first use a voice command. It’s a quirky limitation, but let’s get to the workaround.

  1. Go to More -> Settings -> Music & Podcasts in the Alexa app, and make sure you’ve linked at least one music service. I’d suggest setting your preferred service as the default while you’re on this menu.
  2. Ask Alexa to create an alarm based on a song or playlist from your library. You can also ask for songs from an artist or genre, but you won’t have control over the alarm length in those cases.
    1. For a song, say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 9 AM to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.” Of course, you’ll want to change the time, song, and artist name to your preferred choice.
    2. For a playlist, say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 9 AM to Zak’s Wakeup Playlist.” Again, you’ll want to use your own time and playlist name. Make sure you’ve created the playlist in your default music service first.
The alarm tones in the Amazon Alexa app, showing both standard tones and music

Setting an alarm with your favorite song or playlist through Alexa is a neat trick. Once you do it, Alexa keeps it in mind for next time. You can easily repeat your musical wake-up call by asking out loud or picking it from the Alarm Tone list in the Alexa app. For fresh tunes or playlists, though, you’ll need to tell Alexa directly with a voice command.

How to Stop Alexa Alarm

Turn off your Alexa alarm with a simple voice command, directly on the Echo device, or through the Alexa app. Here’s how to do it effortlessly:

  • Say, “Alexa, stop.” or “Alexa, stop alarm.” These commands work on all Alexa devices.
  • Press the action button on the device. This works on the Echo, Echo Dot, and other non-screen Echo devices that have an action button.
  • Press the “Stop” button on the screen. This works for the Echo Show, which doesn’t have an action button.
  • Toggle the alarm off in the Alexa app. The alarms menu can be found under More -> Alarms & Timers.

What’s Next?

Once you’re familiar with it, Alexa can outperform your smartphone alarm. The real game-changer is setting up music alarms, especially when you link Alexa with Apple Music or Spotify, or use iHeartRadio stations on Echo.

Even when Alexa loses her connection, your Echo’s alarms still ring loud and clear. Just make sure it’s powered—plugged in or paired with an Echo battery accessory—to ensure you never miss an alert.

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