Who Makes Onn TVs? And Should You Buy One? [2023]

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We’re all used to TVs with big brand names like Sharp or Sony. But you can save a lot of money with lesser-known brands like Walmart’s Onn. TVs are a big purchase, though, so it pays to check out who is making ONN TVs, where they are made, and who services them.

ONN is a Walmart-only TV brand managed by one of Walmart’s private label tradenames, Durabrand. Durabrand oversees the entire production process, with most of the parts for ONN TVs being outsourced in various countries.

The warranty repair service is comprehensively handled by an American company called Element Electronics. Besides Durabrand, Walmart collaborates with well-known manufacturers like TCL, Hisense, and Element Electronics to produce ONN TVs. The manufacturing of ONN TVs involves several countries including China and Thailand.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the company that makes Onn TVs for Walmart, who else is involved with Onn TV manufacturing, and whether Onn TVs are a brand with buying.

What Company Makes Onn TVs for Walmart?

Onn TVs are made by Durabrand, one of Walmart’s private label tradenames. As with most generic and private label brands, Onn actually uses a chain of manufacturers.

TCL, known for its critically acclaimed 6-Series smart TVs, and Hisense, maker of the popular H9G smart TVs, are among the manufacturers of ONN TVs. The involvement of these well-respected electronics companies in producing ONN TVs ensures a certain level of quality and performance that consumers can trust, even though ONN is a lesser-known brand.

Currently, Durabrand sources Onn TVs from Funai Electric, a primary supplier of electronics to Walmart. However, several of their recent models were from Orion Electronics instead. Both Orion and Funai are Japanese electronics manufacturers. Funai also supplies televisions to Sharp, Toshiba, and Denon.

Durabrand doesn’t handle warranty repairs for their TVs. Instead, this service is handled by Element Electronics Company for all ONN TVs while they are under warranty.

Element Electronics, an American company based in South Carolina, not only handles repairs but also participates in the production of ONN TVs. South Carolina is also the location of their primary manufacturing and repair facility.

Side note: Many of Onn’s non-TV products are not handled by the same manufacturer as their TVs. If you buy Onn’s other electronics like audio systems, gaming accessories, and tablets, they will likely be handled by one of Durabrand’s other manufacturing partners. I can’t cover them all here, so I suggest looking up the specific model or device type or contacting Walmart to find your device manufacturer’s information.

Why does Walmart have private label brands?

In recent years, under the leadership of CEO Doug McMillon, Walmart has ventured into creating its private label brands like ONN TVs. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to making life easier for busy families and building trust with customers by providing affordable and quality electronics

Where Are Onn TVs Manufactured?

The parts manufacturing and assembly for Onn TVs occur in multiple countries. Based on the manufacturing companies involved, we can be reasonably certain that some of the manufacturing occurs in China and possibly Thailand.

Producing ONN TVs in China and Thailand also plays a strategic role in Walmart’s supply chain. These countries’ geographical locations and well-established logistics networks ensure efficient distribution of ONN TVs to Walmart stores across the globe.

Durabrand oversees the manufacturing process for Walmart. Given recent supply chain issues around the world, it’s very likely that the manufacturing facilities they use will be changing in the near future. If you are looking for a TV manufactured in a specific country, Onn likely won’t be a good option.

Then again, most brands will be moving around their manufacturing over the next few years, and most TVs contain parts manufactured across several countries.

Is Onn a Good Smart TV Brand?

Onn TVs are definitely a budget brand, as you might expect from a Walmart private label product. That’s not a bad thing, as long as you know what you are getting into. If you want to save a lot of money on your flat-screen TV, Onn is probably a great option.

Unlike other smart TVs that use proprietary operating systems or Android TV, ONN TVs run on the Roku platform, known for its ease of use and expansive content library. The partnership with Roku enhances the user experience of ONN TVs, offering customers an intuitive interface and a wide range of streaming options.

Their picture quality is excellent for the budget price range but average overall. They often have a lot of features, but they lack the higher-end features that you’ll find on brands like Samsung, Vizio, and LG. Performance issues and problems with color accuracy are more common than on some other brands, but they are generally fixable.

When you buy a TV from a less-common company like Onn, you can run into issues with universal remotes. Most of the time, the Durabrand remote codes should work fine, but users often end up contacting the manufacturer to get the right codes for their TV.

Because of their partnership with Element Electronics, Onn TVs do have great warranty and repair coverage.

Where Can You Buy Onn TVs?

You can only buy new Onn TVs at Walmart stores and on Walmart.com. That’s because it’s a generic Walmart brand made specifically for Walmart stores in the US, UK, and Canada.

You may be able to find a used, refurbished, or second-hand Onn TV on Amazon or on Ebay. Those can save you a few bucks, but for the price of these TVs you should probably just get them direct from Walmart.

What’s Next?

Onn TVs aren’t the only budget brand for smart TVs. You could opt for an Android TV instead of a smart TV that features a brand-specific operating system. That’s a good way to get a TV that costs roughly the same as an Onn TV but has better overall quality and some more advanced features.

You can also enhance your existing TV instead of buying a new one. Even non-smart TVs can use Firesticks as a way to gain smart TV features, and Alexa Fire TV voice commands are a great way to add even smarter features to your existing smart TV. You could also add a couple of cheap Echo speakers to enhance the sound of your TV. Between all of those changes, you can give your home entertainment center a complete makeover for a ridiculously low price.

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